[linux-audio-user] Multi Port Midi Interface configuration

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Tue Mar 25 03:14:00 EST 2003

pawL wrote:
> So my question is, have any of you successfully configured and used a
> Multi-port midi interface with multiple synthesizers on Linux?
> What is your interface?  (I'm specifically looking for 8 or more ports)

I don't have such an interface myself, but I've heard that all the
following USB interfaces work with ALSA:

Edirol UM-880 <http://www.edirol.com/products/info/um880.html>
Yamaha UX256 <http://www.yamahasynth.com/pro/ux256/index.html>
Midiman MidiSport 8x8 <http://www.midiman.net/products/midiman/USB8x8.php>


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