[linux-audio-user] any softsampler or drummachines for jackit out there

Mathias Lundgren mathias_lundgren at bredband.net
Mon Nov 10 16:13:07 EST 2003

> I've used the internal fluidsynth with MusE for a while and it performs
> pretty well when using MusE with alsa output. Unfortunately using MusE with
> jack doesn't really work very well right now, but it will probably do that
> in the future. 

Correcting myself: MusE works quite well with Jack right now in many cases, 
but MusE:s internal synths and Jack doesn't seem like the best combination. 
MusE and fluidsynth works very well (at least for me) when using MusE with 
alsa output, but then it's kind of difficult to use other Jack-apps like 


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