[linux-audio-user] any softsampler or drummachines for jackit out there

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Nov 10 18:33:09 EST 2003


Mathias Lundgren hat gesagt: // Mathias Lundgren wrote:

> I've used the internal fluidsynth with MusE for a while and it performs pretty 
> well when using MusE with alsa output. Unfortunately using MusE with jack 
> doesn't really work very well right now, but it will probably do that in the 
> future.

I use my own Pd tools for drums. This is very flexible for my work
style. I seperated several sequencer GUIs from the sound generation.
For sequencing drums I often use my sseq-objects available here:

For the drum sounds itself I also use several approaches. One is my Pd
drum "angriff" (http://footils.org/cms/?show_article=13 or extended
here http://mentalfloss.ca/sintheta/html/downloads.html) the other
also involves fluidsynth, but by using the fluid~ external for Pd,
which happens to be also available on my site ;) Maybe these are also
an option, but they require a bit learning of Pd.

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