[linux-audio-user] Multiple (three) RME Hammerfalls... any experience

Ronald van Engelen ronalde at xs4all.nl
Fri Nov 28 16:53:56 EST 2003


After rereading my message, I saw too many unclarities and typos, so
I'll try again.

The problem is that we have to transfer a few hours of 72-channel music
from three synced Mackie SDR24/96's to a harddisk. I don't really know 
what format the music is recorded in.

As my colleague is unable to use three RME Hammerfall DSP card's in his
dual G4 powermac with OSX (don't know exact version), I wondered if I
could use Linux to capture the music to harddisk.

If anybody has any experience, please let me know. Otherwise we will
proceed with one card and thus 24 channels at a time, which does work.

Ronald van Engelen

Op vr 28-11-2003, om 20:06 schreef Ronald van Engelen:
> Hi there,
> A colleague of mine is having major problems using multiple (three) RME
> Hammerfall cards using Mac OS 9 and X and consulted me for help. 
> The problem is that he has to transfer a few hours of 72-channel music
> (recorded with Mackie HDR's) to his harddisk for further mixing and
> processing.
> I only have experience with (single and dual) stereo cards using alsa,
> jack, ardour and ladspa. I wonder if anybody have experience with
> multiple RME cards using alsa, and particullary experience doing such a
> task with mentioned tools? 
> I haven't had the chance to examine his (Mac-related) problem but it
> sounds like he might suffering from problems related to his
> power-supply?
> Regards,
> Ronald van Engelen

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