[linux-audio-user] YMFPCI hardware midi/snd-mp401-uart

Rocco linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Fri Sep 5 23:36:01 EDT 2003

BartonBosch at aol.com wrote:

> I wanted to use the wavetable synth, even if it was of lower sound 
> quality, as a tool to listen to work in progress so as to reduce the 
> load on the processor.  I have been having some problems with 
> crackling noises which I assume are caused by MusE and or the 
> softsynth overloading the processor when playing back a multitrack 
> midi file. 

Just something to keep in mind. I don't know about your hardware, but 
with mine, theres a limit on the size of a sound font that can be loaded 
into the wave table. When I tried to load a 128MB file, only certain 
sounds got loaded. But with Timidity using the same sound font, it all 
loaded and was usable. Just something to keep in mind. I'm glad someone 
else posted this (prior) to me aquiring the 128MB sound font. Otherwise, 
I would have loaded it into the wave table and assumed that there were 
only a few sounds in the sound font. I probly would have disgaurded the 
sound font and lost out on some really good sounds.


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