[linux-audio-user] pd vs. supercollider

Atte André Jensen atte at ballbreaker.dk
Wed Apr 21 10:07:04 EDT 2004

Dave Phillips wrote:
> IMO, SC3 is 
> just waiting for Linux audio people to find it. If Stefan's GUI parts 
> keep improving we'll soon have a very respectable SC3 for Linux.

I consider myself "Linux audio people" and I'm just waiting for some 
reasonable docu of the beat. The only really useful stuff was your 
tutorial, but that stopped just when the fun was about to begin.

Seems that what docu is there is either for sc2 or doesn't relate to linux.

I'm currently using csound, but for several reasons I'm very interrested 
in switching to (or at least trying out) SC3.

If I overlooked anything please let me know. And maybe you (who seems to 
have found The Way) could also suggest a path through the docu towards 
understanding SC3/linux???

peace, love & harmony


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