[linux-audio-user] ruccas.org relaunches in new, open format

John Nowak john at johnnowak.com
Tue Dec 7 00:22:53 EST 2004


- - -

Ruccas.org, a site for unconventional computer and electronic art which 
features over 30 artists, has just relaunched in a new, open format.

Taking the form of a "wiki", artists can add their own pages to the 
site in order to share their work without any prior permission or 
registration. Ruccas.org offers free hosting of audio, video, software, 
and whatever else the artists wish to share.  As ruccas.org is a wiki, 
artists can also collaboratively edit and build a network of pages to 
document the aspects of the fields they work in, softwares they use, et 

Ruccas.org welcomes contributions from those working with generative 
and algorithmic techniques, databending and circuitbending, net art, 
robotics, and any other "unconventional" form of electronic or computer 
art. Of course, everyone is welcome to simply visit the site and 
download some free artwork, all of which is licensed under a Creative 
Commons license or placed in the public domain.

With its new format and growing community, I am hopeful that ruccas.org 
will become a fixture in the world of computer and electronic art in 
the years ahead.

- John Nowak, Ruccas.org

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