[linux-audio-user] YAR (Yet Another Recording)

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Tue Dec 7 08:50:07 EST 2004

Austin wrote:

>Here's a song Joey and I have been working on for a while.  It's not
>finished, so I'd love comments.
Nicely performed, and a very good piece. Good singing too, but as a 
confirmed vocal freak I'd like to hear it pushed a wee bit forward. And 
I agree with whoever suggested that the finger-picked guitar needs 
remixed, it's basically disappearing after the mix fills out, and it's a 
nice part that would add a little more variety to the front of the mix.

Btw, I already have a "music made with Linux" section on the Linux 
soundapps pages, perhaps you could either add to it or use it to start 
your own list:


I've been collecting the recent spate of URLs for recordings that have 
been posted to LA* and the Ardour and Rosegarden lists, I'll update that 
section Real Soon Now. Like maybe before Xmas...



>We recorded the audio with Audacity and a Quattro, but Joey imported it
>all into Cubase for mixing and mastering.  The realtime effects are
>pretty handy I must admit.  Maybe we will master with Jamin.  I dunno.
>He's pretty windowcentric.
>Quite a bit more polished than, say, Two Point Six.  ;-)
>(BTW, still hoping to put up a site listing made-with-linux songs, but
>my stupid CMS is not cooperating.)

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