[linux-audio-user] YAR (Yet Another Recording)

Austin aacton at yorku.ca
Fri Dec 10 08:52:16 EST 2004

> En/na fooman ha escrit:
> > I'm not familiar with Cubase.  What 'realtime effects' are available
> > that surpass those that are available through Ardour, or similar?
> >
> >>> We recorded the audio with Audacity and a Quattro, but Joey imported it
> >>> all into Cubase for mixing and mastering.  The realtime effects are
> >>> pretty handy I must admit. 

Well, we didn't have ardour up and running with the Quattro... it's an
on-again-off-again situation there.  So we considered using Audacity,
but you can't hear the effects in realtime; you have to apply them,
listen, and then undo.  Not fun.


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