[linux-audio-user] Linux audio video 0.1 alpha 1

Rick Taylor RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net
Thu Dec 16 06:29:17 EST 2004

Seeing as the "audio tutorial" worked so well... and MP3 crunches stuff so 
small... maybe it would be nice to distribute tutorials that folk could 
simply open in the program the tutorial's intended for?

There's a tutorial system out there somewhere for Windows. Basically, it runs 
a script that opens demo files and moves the mouse around performing the 
actions explained in the tutorial...

If you were to combine that sort of functionality with scripted audio {have 
your wife or girlfriend {or Mabel... the chick with the deep voice that works 
in sales} read it though... :}

{There must be one million and one aspiring actresses/singers out there.}

On Thursday 16 December 2004 11:29 am, Christoph Eckert wrote:
> > I can't see it, of course, but I enjoyed listening to this
> > video. Very important from my "eyes-free" perspective is
> > that I didn't miss anything. Thank you for getting that
> > right--even if it's incidental!
> It is incidential, and so you're always invited to tell me -
> if I do a new one - if I didn't respect there are people out
> there who only can hear the video.
> Of course, as soon as I'll show GUI application usage in the
> videos this will become more difficult, but I'll try to keep
> the non-viewers in mind.
>  Best regards
>     ce


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