[linux-audio-user] Python or Perl for daily audio scripts?

Matthew Allen mtallen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 11:01:06 EST 2004

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 10:10:48 -0500, Brett McCoy
<idragosani at chapelperilous.net> wrote:
> I'd say take a look at both languages and try to write something simple first
> and see which one feels better for you.

This is great advice. Having done a fari amount of scripting work in
both languages I would have to say it really comes down to what you
are comfortable with. My personal prefernce these days leans towards
Python, but I will still bust out a small regex script in perl, just
because its so fast to write. I would sit down with a very small
subset of what you want to do, and write a script in both to see which
one works better for you.

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