[linux-audio-user] Next video

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Fri Dec 31 21:10:16 EST 2004


> >And to be honest, I have three goals in mind when making
> > the videos:
> >
> >* Reducing n00b questions in the groups
> >* Help n00bs and tell them to not give up
> >* Show users of other operating systems what wonderful
> > things we can do with free software
> Are all three videos available from any other location with
> a high-speed connection ?

Hopefully, as sf is available from any location...

> It might be nice to have them on 
> Pat Shirkey's site at www.djcj.org...

Hm, nice page I didn't know before.

Well, you're reminding me of the following problem:

I'd really like to set up a page for linux tutorial videos; 
I'd start with audio of course, but any other aspects of the 
system should be put to some videos, too, of course. And I'd 
really appreciate contributions from other people.

The problem is bandwidth, which costs money or ugly ads.

The same problem as spreading free music discussed some time 
before in this (great) list.

> Very cool. Hopefully someone on the LA* lists will take up
> your offer. There's certainly much more to be done...

Jep, I hope so, too.

The problem is the central page with web space and bandwidth. 
I have already some HTML files here, containing a xvidcap 
config file and other useful information.

I tried to register a project for that some weeks before on 
sourceforge and unfortunately haven't heard anything since 
then ;-) .

> >BTW:  The third one is not very good, I'll update it after
> > the holidays.
> Looking forward to the update.

Me too ;-) .

 Best regards and 'appy new year!


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