[linux-audio-user] The trouble with disks

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Sat Jan 3 15:29:33 EST 2004

John Anderson wrote on Sat, 03-Jan-2004:

 > I've also turned acpi off (no harm in trying that again, I guess).
 > Still getting xruns, doesn't seem to be much different to before. Until
 > the files are cached, then it's fine, as usual. On the positive side,
 > did a bunch of recording today, and everything was good (after the usual
 > preload-to-cache tricks). It's also heartening to know that folks are
 > running similar spec boxes to mine and not getting xruns.

I'm assuming (although i don't remember you mentioning it) that
you have configured JACK's tmpdir to be on a tmpfs?  


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