[linux-audio-user] Recommendations for audio software needed

Conrad Newton conrad.newton at broadpark.no
Thu Jan 8 15:30:06 EST 2004

I need some advice from those more experienced with
audio software than myself.

I am building a Knoppix-style live CD that will be
used by teachers and pupils in Oslo, Norway.

Most of the users are unfamiliar with Linux, and
the CD is supposed to be their first introduction.

Within the audio category, it is obvious that
I should have a CD player (kscd), a CD-burner (k3b), 
and an mp3/ogg player (xmms).  I also want to have
some music editing software, and I have identified
the following programs as potentially interesting


I have also been meaning to include solfege, the ear 
training program on the CD, but without really being
certain how many people would use it.

My question is, if I can only include 2 of the above
programs (for space reasons), which two should I take?
Bear in mind the restriction that the users are not
a high-tech crowd.

If I can make an analogy with image manipulation, let
me say how I solved the problem:  I included both tuxpaint,
a simple paint program that even small children could enjoy,
and the GIMP, an advanced image manipulation program that
counts in some circles as an Adobe Photoshop replacement.

In this way, both the beginner and the advanced user can
be satisfied.  I would like to satisfy the audio users 
in much the same way, if I could.

Thanks in advance for your comments and advice.


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