[linux-audio-user] Using Creative sb16 CSP(DSP) chip?

Pietro p.alfa at email.it
Sat Jan 10 06:16:55 EST 2004

[About sb16-dsp...]

I've found the package "alsa-tools" that is not present in Debian ad
compiled cspctl, that allows loading some dsp chip microcodes.
>From the man page:

wfm0001a.csp  QSound decoder
wfm0006a.csp  A-law codec
wfm0007a.csp  u-law codec
wfm0011a.csp  IMA ADPCM codec (distorted output for IMA test files)
wfm0200a.csp  Creative ADPCM codec (sounds like Intel/DVI IMA ADPCM compatible)
wfm0202a.csp  Fast Speech 8 codec
wfm0203a.csp  Fast Speech 10 codec

I've found these files on the very old sb16 DOS installation disks, so if
someone wants them, mail me.
I've installed QSound decoder and magically appeared a alsamixer control
that allows me to do some 3d-stereo sorceries!
But what about A-law codec and u-law codec? I've tried to load them and use
sox to transform a PCM wave to A-law or u-law wave, but sox does not seem to
use my beloved DSP chip!
I know that a chip mounted on a 10-years-old-ISA-card will not be able to
boost my pc to warp speed, but I would like to have the joy of using in the
2004 a piece of industrial antiquity! Eh eh :)
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