[linux-audio-user] Rosegarden-4 or Muse or...

Emiliano Grilli emiliano.grilli at poste.it
Wed Jan 14 04:57:12 EST 2004

mercoledì, 14 gennaio 2004 alle 10:38:25, Tommi Sakari Uimonen ha scritto:
> > what midi-sequencer do you like on linux (with *.wav playing function)?
> I just started to explore midi+wav possibilities with linux, and ended up
> with muse and rosegarden4. But neither of them is in production-ready
> state. I got rosegarden to output audio&midi and using it as I write. But
> it has issues that make it a bit annoying to use.
> With Muse 0.6.3, I didn't succeed with audio out. CVS is >0.7 but haven't
> tried it yet.

Hi, here running muse 0.6.3 from planetCCRMA and using jack audio is
working both in playback and record mode. Timing is acceptable, sometimes
muse crashes (I save often :P), but I've recored along with midi tracks
four or five audio tracks for a three minutes song.
Using the powerful jack routing functions, it's also easy to "render" to
audio the output of jack-aware soft syntesizers (zynaddsubfx, ams, pd...)
I've also succeed in syncronizing ardour with muse via MTC (a bit tricky,
but working ) using virmidi.

Emiliano Grilli
Linux user #209089 

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