[linux-audio-user] Rosegarden-4 or Muse or...

Tommi Sakari Uimonen tuimonen at cc.hut.fi
Wed Jan 14 06:43:19 EST 2004

> > > what midi-sequencer do you like on linux (with *.wav playing function)?
> >
> > I just started to explore midi+wav possibilities with linux, and ended up
> > with muse and rosegarden4. But neither of them is in production-ready
> > state. I got rosegarden to output audio&midi and using it as I write. But
> > it has issues that make it a bit annoying to use.
> >
> > With Muse 0.6.3, I didn't succeed with audio out. CVS is >0.7 but haven't
> > tried it yet.
> Hi, here running muse 0.6.3 from planetCCRMA and using jack audio is
> working both in playback and record mode. Timing is acceptable, sometimes
> muse crashes (I save often :P), but I've recored along with midi tracks
> four or five audio tracks for a three minutes song.

Actually now I remember what was wrong with muse. I got audio & midi out
yes, but rewinding the playpos didn't affect to the audio playpos, only
midi. So it was really unusable. The audio playback continued from where
it was paused/stopped regardless how I moved the playpos.


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