[linux-audio-user] New to the list & Linux

Richard K. Ingalls ringalls at glenwood.k12.mo.us
Tue Jan 20 12:36:28 EST 2004

Hello list members!

I'm new to this list and relatively new to Linux. 
  I discovered the power of Linux about 2 years 
ago and began switching my school district over to 
it (still migrating).  I use only Linux for my 
servers (web/email/proxy/file/backup/etc.).  I've 
setup two classroom labs using Linux as the 
desktop.  I'd like to look at using Linux in the 
music lab (not yet created).  So I found this 
mailing list.

I'm a keyboardist and MIDI user (since Cakewalk 
first came out).  I want to create a DAW (for my 
home use as well as for school).  I need it to do 
MIDI and samples and record audio.  I'm trying to 
get a Delta 66 with Omni breakout box for the 
soundcard, and maybe a Soundblaster Live (w EMU10K 
chip) for the soundfonts.

My questions to the list...

1) Are there Linux equivalents to Reason, Sonar, 
FruityLoops, Cubase, ProTools, etc.?  Really?

2) Is anyone using dual processors (maybe PIII 500 
Mhz) successfully?

Richard K. Ingalls
Director of Information Technology
Glenwood R-8 School District
West Plains, MO

email..ringalls at glenwood.k12.mo.us

"Glenwood R-8: home of the mustangs!"

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