[linux-audio-user] 2nd LAD conference

Andreas Kuckartz A.Kuckartz at ping.de
Thu Jan 22 13:47:23 EST 2004

IRCAM even used a webcam to transmit live-concerts and other parts of a
conference to a world-wide audience!


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> On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Mark Constable wrote:
> > Are there plans to record any of the lectures and put them
> > on the web somewhere ?
> Yes, we plan to record the lectures and put also the presentation material
> on the web. Moreover we plan to establish a live audio streaming of the
> talks and concerts. If we get the presentation material in time, we might
> even put that on the web in a way that "remote" listeners can follow the
> talks watching the same slides as the audience.
> Last time, Steve and Jörn took care of the internet "broadcasting" of the
> event. IIRC they also established an IRC channel for "remote" discussion.
> The audio quality of the streaming is not a matter of the microphone alone
> but more of the available bandwidth.
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