[linux-audio-user] Terratec DMX6 Fire recording problems & Rosegarden MIDI question

RachelAPP app at appband.com
Thu Jan 29 17:25:40 EST 2004

Thanks for your help Tim, i've sorted things out with arecord (after 
installing the envy24control  mixer instead of using alsamixer or amixer or 
even alsamixergui, it's a lot easier to understand what is going on with it!) 
and i am currently installing MusE... Looks like i have to record 4 channels 
to get the line in (channel 3 & 4) but then i can open the file in Audacity 
and get rid of channels 1 & 2 and copy and paste my channels 3 & 4 onto a 
stereo track so that's enough for me now. My mic in is channel 5 & 6 so i 
have to record 6 channels for it - haven't found a way to only record 
channels 3 & 4 for example but it doesn't matter much right now, as long as i 
know what goes where and i can get rid of what i don't want, i'm happy with 
Thanks for clearing things up about Rosegarden4 - i guess connecting the midi 
track to a soft synth via Jack is the same as loading a VST isntrument for 
that track in Cubase. It's just that doing it with jack isn't obvious when 
you don't know your way around yet! The layout of Rosegarden4 also led me to 
believe you could play some MIDI tracks using the GM library...
I'm fine now and i can get on with my music making - i'm sure i will have more 
questions soon though hehe
Yeah i'm reading some doc on my system ands ome ebook about Linux and i'm 
slowly getting used to using the shell to do most of the tasks -  i guess i 
was just impatient about getting on with the music side of things as this is 
quite important for me...

On Wednesday 28 January 2004 4:20 am, you wrote:
> Rachel,
> On Tuesday 27 January 2004 9:31 pm, RachelAPP wrote:
> > Hi
> > I am new to Linux and new to this list - a friend of mine set it up last
> > WE cause i was fed up with Windows and its capitalist way of working. I
> > have Debian 2.4.22 i think (i know it's 2.4 something). It got installed
> > using Knoppix then it got upgraded. We tried to upgrade it to 2.6 but
> > some things were obviously wrong in the set up as it doesn't boot
> > properly (probably something wrong with the graphic settings cause the
> > screen goes all black). So i boot to 2.4.
> You're best off sticking with the 2.4.22 kernel for many reasons. That's
> the version number for the Linux  kernel rather than the Debian version
> (3.1 - aka 'Sarge' I'd guess)
> > I have a Terratec DMX 6 Fire soundcard and Rosegarden 4 and Audacity but
> > my problem is i don't seem to be able to record anything. I plugged in my
> > 4 tracks portastudio into the line input as i used to do and i can hear
> > it on my monitors but i can't record anything in Audacity. I have tried
> > to play around with the various things in the alsamixer, setting
> > everything to Capture and all the levels up and so on, but to no avail.
> > Has anyone got any idea why i can't record?
> No, it sounds like your soundcard is more-or-less configured. It would help
> if you could generate some useful error messages, Audacity's not the best
> for that. You should only have to have capture enabled on the line-in bit
> of the mixer and have 'line' selected as input on Audacity. If not you have
> reason to suspect your sound set-up. Are you using ALSA?
> > I also have a question about Rosegarden4. I have a Evolution MIDI
> > keyboard controller, it's a USB device - i don't seem to get any MIDI
> > date in when it's plugged via the USB port but i get MIDI data in when i
> > plug it into the front MIDI input on my soundcard, which is OK for now (i
> > will look into this USB thing when i upgrade to 2.6 properly i guess).
> > However, i cannot hear anything - i have set things to "Midi device 1
> > channel 1" for example and then selected a bank and a sound - i know the
> > MIDI data gets in as i can see the small U-meter near the track number go
> > up and down but can't hear anything. When i go to the set up, it says
> > somewhere "MIDI OK, no audio" - what does it mean and is it a problem?
> Rosegarden4 doesn't actually make any sound all on its own AFAIK, you have
> to connect it up to a softsynth using Jackd. I use MusE generally, It's
> much quicker to get working with and has softsynths 'built in' - so to
> speak. Sounds like MIDI is configured ok.
> > I was used to a few programs under Windows but i am not a master in any
> > of them under Windows and i am totally new to the Linux environment so
> > i'm not sure whether it is connected to something wrong in my set up or
> > me not understanding how the software actually works...
> Could easily be a bit of both ... If you have a full Debian system
> installed you'll probably already havea fair amount of documentation on
> your hard drive. Reading is good :-) Collecting useful looking error
> messages is also good practice.
> > Any help would be very much appreciated, especially with the audacity
> > recording issue as i've done some recordings with a friend and we want to
> > mix them now but we are stuck because of this issue!
> There are a multiplicity of different ways this can be achieved. Snd &
> Sweep do much the same thing and it's also worth getting familiar with
> command-line tools: typing:
> arecord whatever.wav
> aplay whatever.wav
> into an xterm is probably the most basic way of achieving the object.
> If that doesn't work you have set-up problems.
> tim hall

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