[linux-audio-user] RE: [Rosegarden-user] advice for beginner?

Alejandro Lopez alez_cuatrosegundos at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 4 02:53:10 EST 2004

Hi Hamish,

>I'm currently trying to choose between Mandrake and Ubuntu Linux,
>both of which look suitable for a non-tech-minded person like myself.

I would recommend installing a DAW oriented distro. Demudi has been 
recommended in the different forums as the easiest way to setup a studio. 
The reason is that all other music oriented distros (Planet CCRMA, Thac's 
packages) need to be installed on top of a general purpose distribution. 
I've recently installed Demudi and it's been a painless proccess generally. 
It's based on Debian, so you can add general purpose packages to your "audio 
PC" at a later date.

>And how far off is the 1.0 release for Rosegarden?

According to the website, it's happening very soon..

>And are there are any performance oriented apps for Linux similiar to
>Ableton Live?

Dunno, but I can recommend this forum for this kind of info, it's great:
Also could be of help for making a final decision on which distribution to 



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