[linux-audio-user] Sofsynths & ALSA MIDI Questions

Robert Jonsson rj at spamatica.se
Sat May 14 18:11:07 EDT 2005


On Saturday 14 May 2005 15:09, NiXO Beee wrote:
> Hi out there,
> Well, I'm trying to setup a machine aimed at running softsynths and plugins
> (natives synths, LADSPA plugins and jack_fst ones as well).
> This is a machine based around a Sound Blaster Live!, with an nforce2
> chipset.
> I compiled a 2.6.11 kernel with the realtime lsm patch, and everything is
> running smoothly, with a very decent latency.
> SB Live's MIDI ins and outs are working well when I plug my PC88 in.
> Then compiled jack, wine, jack_fst, dssi and such.
> Then installed some softsynths RPMS, and a bunch of free VSTis.
> Here is my problem :
> -jack_fst's plugins respond to after touch in a strange way : they change
> presets according to pressure. I recorded some midi to check what was going
> on, and Muse and Rosegarden as well are recording plain vanilla after
> touch, so I do not understand what's going on...
> I checked my Kurzweil's PC88 setup and it is pretty clean, as the MIDI
> recording shows (no strange event recorded, except after touch).
> I also have a problem with Muse not outputing anything to other jack_fsts
> than the first that has been launched, 

I just checked in a fix in MusE that handles this, somewhat... (will show up 
in the next release, hopefully soon)
If I understand things correctly this is actually a problem of jack_fst. If 
two instances have the same name it will be impossible for an app like MusE 
to know which one is intended for a certain situation, like when loading a 


> but it may be a problem related to 
> the way the RPM was prepared. Got to re-compile that one. Rosegarden
> working very well out of the RPM-box.
> Thanks in advance !


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