[linux-audio-user] Sofsynths & ALSA MIDI Questions

NiXO Beee nixobeee at hanginggarden.dyndns.org
Sun May 15 00:14:16 EDT 2005

> > > Here is my problem :
> > > -jack_fst's plugins respond to after touch in a strange way : they
> > > change presets according to pressure. I recorded some midi to check
> > > what was going on, and Muse and Rosegarden as well are recording plain
> > > vanilla after touch, so I do not understand what's going on...
> you are seeing a bug in jack_fst.
> i did not have a midi keyboard when i developed it, and used vkeybd
> which does not do aftertouch.
> look in vsti.c and SND_SEQ_EVENT_CHANPRESS:
> either find the correct midi code for chanpress or uncomment it
> if you find the correct on mail it to me.
> and i send you xfst.

I uncommented the debug output printf for channel pressure.
When running jack_fst from a terminal here is what it prints out while using 
after touch :
chanpress: 0 0 0
chanpress: 1 0 0
chanpress: 2 0 0
chanpress: 3 0 0
chanpress: 0 0 11
chanpress: 1 0 11
chanpress: 2 0 11
chanpress: 3 0 11
chanpress: 0 0 62
chanpress: 1 0 62
chanpress: 2 0 62
chanpress: 3 0 62
chanpress: 0 0 127
chanpress: 1 0 127
chanpress: 2 0 127

For memory :
printf("chanpress: %d %d 

I also ran accross this very neat MIDI specifications :

It pointed out a difference between aftertouch and channel pressure I wasn't 
aware of.
I did a little test and recorded a few notes both in rosegarden and muse, then 
had a look in the event list.
I was a bit confused at start since the event list in Rosegarden lists a serie 
of 'channel pressure' events (It seems the same controller is sent wether I 
play a single note or a whole chord, so I guess my keyboard is 
pressure-monophonic -> same pressure sent for the whole chord).
In muse, the event list shows a serie of 'ChAT' events proposing the same 
values. I imagine 'ChAT' stands for Channel AfterTouch, but as the values are 
sent only once for the whole channel, it is really 'Channel Pressure' and not 

Well, here are the figures :

Status 	0xD0 to 0xDF where the low nibble is the MIDI channel. 
Data	One data byte follows the Status. It is the pressure amount, a value from
	0 to 127 (where 127 is the most pressure). 
See :	http://www.borg.com/~jglatt/tech/midispec/pressure.htm
and :	http://www.srm.com/qtma/davidsmidispec.html

I tried to mess with the midi message sent in the vsti.c, but I only succeded 
in stopping the ch pressure being sent correctly to the plug in... (midi 
learn function does not learn anything).

For now, I changed the controller sent by the keyboard (in the keyboard midi 
setup I mean) to something valid.

Hope this helps !
If not, well, I learnt some neat MIDI stuff along the readings :)

[ NiX=O Beee ]
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