[linux-audio-user] Real-time kernel

Bill Allen lau at ballen.fastmail.fm
Fri Dec 1 22:37:21 EST 2006

Chuckk Hubbard wrote:
> On 12/1/06, Dave Phillips <dlphillips at woh.rr.com> wrote:
>> Bill Allen wrote:
>> > At the risk of repeating myself, in the time that I've been just
>> > reading this thread (not to mention the time that you've been putting
>> > into trying the stuff mentioned) I could have downloaded 64Studio, set
>> > aside a 5-10 GB partition, installed it, and had a working system with
>> > all the real-time patched AMD64 music-enabled system that you can get.
>> > Yes, you've got to dual boot, I do it all the time. Ubuntu is my
>> > family system that we use for work and play, but when I want to do
>> > music I boot into 64Studio. It's simply a lot easier than trying to
>> > make a general purpose distro into a music enabled one.
>> Hear the man. I started writing a similar reply yesterday, but Bill's
>> said it better here. Given the availability of multimedia-optimized
>> distros I just don't see the point of putting myself through what the
>> distro maintainers have already been through and mastered. Maybe it's an
>> age thing, at mine I get someone else to do the heavy lifting. :)
>> Really, I work with Linux audio software to make music. I lost interest
>> in mucking about with kernel configurations long ago. Yes, I'm glad I
>> know how to do some of that stuff by myself, but I no longer consider it
>> a necessary part of the process. I agree with Bill, use 64Studio,
>> PlanetCCRMA, or some other optimized distro and save yourself time and
>> energy.
> All right, I'll give it a try, in two weeks.  I'll check out both of
> those, though I am really interested in getting Debian to work for
> audio, and for the wireless card which is still a problem.  For now,
> everything I need and the programs I'm used to are still working in
> Windows.  It pains me, but I don't have any choice.
Studio64 is debian. It is a debian based distro that has been optimized 
for audio. In other words, it is everything that you would come up with, 
if you spent the time to produce a debian based audio system. 
PlanetCCRMA is the same thing based on fedora. Dave and I are both old 
enough to just want to do the music part. We're happy to let others do 
the fun work of making it all work. Thanks Dan and Free and Fernando.


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