[linux-audio-user] The BIG picture

Rob lau at kudla.org
Thu Dec 21 22:12:50 EST 2006

On Thursday 21 December 2006 19:44, Lee Revell wrote:
> Get a good book on doing this stuff with Pro Tools - the vast
> majority of the material will be relevant to Ardour.

Ardour has MIDI support?  I've never found that recording 
multitrack audio under Linux was a problem (I just use Audacity, 
myself) but I have always found that hooking my MIDI keyboard 
up, getting it recognized, and then getting it to control my 
choice of software synth, sound font or .PAT file while also 
recording it in a sequencer (to later render to a WAV file so I 
can overdub my acoustic instruments and vocals) is a huge pain 
in the ass.  So much so that I haven't recorded anything of note 
in the seven years since I switched to Linux full-time.  And I 
did all that stuff under Windows before that, and on an old Mac 
SE before that.

I don't think a Protools book is going to teach me about getting 
set up with ALSA midi clients and Jack and Timidity/Fluidsynth 
and Zyn and Rosegarden/Muse, etc., and I think that's part of 
what Ianas was looking for.  (A Protools book won't tell you how 
to use cdrecord either, but I don't think firing up k3b and 
dragging WAV files over is really that tough.)


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