[linux-audio-user] Re: System upgrade recommendations

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Sun Feb 19 20:02:20 EST 2006

> Can you actually change things from a MIDI controller?

Yeah. http://zynaddsubfx.sourceforge.net/doc_3.html

Good for spacey sound FX :)

> 13 packages and counting.. :)

Wow. You're a winner.

> http://aslan.homelinux.com/dana/rivir/gk2a.mp3

Nice jam!

> place because I am very sloppy (grew up with Kurt Cobain, heh).

Well he did have a good aim...

> I've used it several times in my music, mostly for slow synths in some
> acoustic pieces, and a few times for pianos. The delay is bearable,
> for me at least, and I can always correct it with time shifting if
> needed.

You know technically what the latency is?


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