[linux-audio-user] Music material - Gnomes

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Wed Jan 11 16:08:14 EST 2006


So I made a pure percussion track for Steve D - but also everyone else, 
who would like to use it as basement or for cutting up :)

Full mix with a little reverb:

Single dry tracks are linked from

I chose ccMixter because it is aimed at such things and provides  
visibility outside the lau/lad community. Sadly they have a filesize 
limit at 10 MB, otherwise the full mix would have been flac, too.

An early version of this made someone on #lad think of gnomes moving stuff 
around and suddenly running away and hiding when the houseowner looks 
after the noise. I tried to make it a bit more to that story.

All sounds come from custom Om patches. For drum_1 3 Fm operators are 
triggered seperately, influencing each other, with 2 of them having audio 
outs. slight offsets between the trigger notes change the sound in  
interesting ways because of this. Dave is my hero for this gift to humankind, 
even though I more or less have to use an old CVS version ;)

All MIDI mouse-clicked in MusE. Also used for recording. Removed the files 
from the arrangement to normalize them (even though there was almost no 
headroom) in Sweep and to rename them. Audio file handling is realy a bit 
weak in MusE, but it's all straightforward.

Reimported the tracks to add reverb. Used a single reverb (gverb, afair) in 
one group and groups for the audio tracks to have send levels. I also like  
this approach to insert highpass filter in front of reverb for tracks 
with bass / kick to avoid low frequency smear. But found it unecessary in 
this case.

Thanks to the developers of all the fine software, making things like this 
possible in an open environment!

Looking forward to work based on this. Don't hold back with criticism or 
imitations of this procedure ;)

Thorsten Wilms

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