[linux-audio-user] problem with new machine

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Fri Jul 28 17:14:58 EDT 2006

On Friday 28 July 2006 22:53, Dave Phillips wrote:
> st wrote:
> > This could easily be th power supply.  Do you have another case handy?
> Not one with a sufficient PS. :(
> > The next thing I would do is to take out every card and
> > hard drive, and see if the thing beeps.  If it does,
> > add the video card back in (make sure no onboard devices
> > conflict!), then the first hard drive, and so-on.  If you
> > have no joy, then I say it's power supply, CPU, mother board,
> > in that order.  You will simply have to swap them out to find out.
> That looks like the order of the day. Alas, I probably won't get to it
> until later this weekend.
> > Also, are you sure that your power supply can handle your
> > setup?  Removing the drives might help find out.  If you
> > are drawing too many amps from the power supply, I would
> > expect the sort of behaviour that you are experiencing.
> > It seems like 500W is par for the course these days.
> The Sonata II comes with a 450W PS, it should be good enough for this
> system.
> > Also, don't tell me that you turned the power on EVEN FOR A SECOND
> > without a greased and powered cpu cooler attached.
> No fear, the CPU is covered by a massive Zalman fan. Power hasn't
> remained on for more than a second anyway.
> I'll take out drives etc., will see what happens next.
> Best,
> dp

Just a thought, and I've no idea if this would cause these sort of problems. 
Was the CMOS battery preinstalled on the mobo? Sometimes preinstalled 
batteries have a piece of insulation to separate them from being in circuit, 
and discharging while sat on the shelf, perhaps for months.


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