[linux-audio-user] Motu Traveler

Yohann Béréziat yo at xrousse.org
Sun Jun 4 05:09:33 EDT 2006

I wanted to buy a MOTU Traveler, but as you know, this external audio card isn't
supported by Freebob since MOTU looks hostile to support GNU/Linux...

Here is the email I wrote to MOTU sales department:
>Dear all,
>I was looking to buy a MOTU traveler because it's the best interface
>fiting my needs I have seen on the web!
>The only reason I won't do that and buy another firewire device, is
>that the Traveler doesn't support GNU/Linux. I only use opensource
>softwares and I work exclusively with Linux to compose my music so I
>can't use your product...
>It will be a great pleasure the day you will be listed in this table
>Best regards.

And here is the answer from MOTU Sales Dpt:

Thank you for your interest.

 MOTU has no current plans to support Linux OS.  I will forward your
 email to our Director of Marketing so that he is aware of your interest
 in Linux support.

 If I can be of further service, please let me know.

 Dave Roberts - MOTU

My email will probably have no effect... But maybe if every musician
working with Linux and interested by the Traveler send such an email...



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