[linux-audio-user] lost recording capability of my soundcard

The Quibbler quibbles at adelphia.net
Sun Jun 4 12:11:43 EDT 2006

I don't know what happened. Less than a month ago, I could record, now I 
can't. Playback works, and I can hear the input through the speakers. It just 
doesn't get recorded.

I think the problem started after a debian sarge update of KDE. I've played 
with every button in KMix, but nothing resolves the problem. I can't record 
from any imput source, no matter which I select in KMix.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? It's a dual-boot system. I 
can bring up Windows, and record fine, so there's nothing wrong with the 

I'm using 2.6.10 kernel with ALSA, and it's a SB Live! card. And, as I said, 
everything was working fine a short while ago, so some setting must have 
changed somewhere. The weird thing (and maybe a key clue to you all) is that 
playback works fine.

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