[linux-audio-user] Digital mixer suggestions

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 14:34:13 EDT 2006

> I am thinking of getting a digital mixer. My first choice is a Roland
> VM-3100 but digital connection to the computer is not via ADAT or TDIF
> but via proprietary RPC connection. A RPC-1 card is needed in the
> computer and I guess that this card is not Linux compliant.
> Any chance to use this one with Linux? Any other digital mixer
> suggestion plus interface supported by Linux on this price range
> (about 200 eur on eBay!)?

The VM3100Pro/RPC-1 will work with the ICE1712 driver.  It is however to 
terribly stable in my experience running at 96kHz at anywhere near low 
latency(It was one of the first 96kHz boards that I was aware of, and at 
low latencies I couldnt get it to stable without dropouts etc).  I also 
had a few other problems with it on occasion in as far as playing non 
44.1 or 48 sample rates, however that was only on occasion and really 
depended on my install leading me to believe I missed a step somewhere 
on those occasion in setting it up.

Obviously you would want to use envy24control with it.  I never tried 
mapping the Midi, I still have it laying around my house so I may try to 
map it as a midi controller sometime.  Note that the Pres are pretty 
noisy and not all that good in general, you would probably do better 
buying a cheap 100 dollar Art Pre or something to that effect.  Key word 
there is of course Probably.


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