[linux-audio-user] Re: Digital mixer suggestions

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Fri Jun 23 05:50:01 EDT 2006

On Friday 16 June 2006 10:59, Carlo Capocasa was like:
> Well, I do constantly praise the many advantages of the linux
> platform... I noticed however that there is still significant lock-out
> due to the command line. Ubuntu is IMHO a very large step towards a
> larger user base, now all we need to do there is make audio
> configuration command-line-free and I'd say we're set for mass migration.
> Oh yeah and Dave Robillard's MIDI for Ardour project is music. Pure music.

Fair enough, I understand that most migrators find the Command Line scary, 
however please bear in mind that the Command Line Interface is part of the 
beauty of a Linux system for experienced users, it is not something that 
should be brushed under the carpet, it should be celebrated and its use 
encouraged. That said, CLI free configuration is a sensible move so long as 
it doesn't break the text-based approach, which considering the modular 
nature of a Linux system is fairly unlikely in most cases.

tim hall
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