[linux-audio-user] Re: Ardour CPU Hogups

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Sat Jun 17 00:29:53 EDT 2006

> that sounds to be related to a denormal problem ... try to figure out,
> which plugin causes the trouble and lobby the authors to fix their
> code ... 
> from my experience, some swh plugins suffer from denormal problems
> (possiblty, because steve is working on amd machines?), but it's more or
> less trivial to fix that ... 

Right on, I was using the SC4 or SC4 mono plugins on all the tracks. 
When I took those out, everything went back to normal again.

I even thought of denormals but didn't even bother testing Steve's 
plugins because they usually work so well.

So, everything well again! Thanks tons this was perfect...

I'm using a 2GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor, BTW.


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