[LAU] USB midi keyboard + accompaniment software

Simon Williams simon at systemparadox.co.uk
Sun Aug 19 18:58:30 EDT 2007

Sorry if any of this has been asked before- I can't find a search 
function for the archives of this mailing list.

I'm thinking of buying an Evolution USB midi controller keyboard. 
Probably the MK361C or MK461.

Please could someone confirm that this range of devices will work with 

If I get one with the programmable knobs and sliders are these usable 
with Linux? What could I use them for if they are? What could I use them 
for it they aren't?

The plan is to hook it up to my laptop and a pair of speakers to save 
money and give myself more flexibility, instead of buying an all in one 

Is there any auto-accompaniment software for Linux? The sort of thing 
where I play a chord in the left hand and the drums/bass/whatever 
instruments generated by the software will then play that chord?

I'm hoping that I can add a bunch of effects programs which can be 
controlled with the knobs and sliders on the top of the keyboard.

At the very least I want to be able to mix instruments- i.e. the bass of 
the keyboard is a bass guitar and the treble is a piano and they fade 
together in the middle. I'd have thought this would be fairly easy to do.

Any advice much appreciated.

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