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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Fri Sep 28 04:28:04 EDT 2007

Dan Kegel wrote:
> David wrote:
>> ftp://ftp.turtlebeach.com/pub/voy/mw_sng_mae/int2sngw.exe
>> It won't install under WINE...
> It installs fine for me under current wine from git
> (roughly wine-0.9.46), so you shouldn't have to futz
> around with unpacking it some other way.

Well, I'm still at wine-0.9.34-1, with an upgrade to 0.9.44-1 waiting 
along with a bunch of other upgrades. Last time I checked, the upgrade 
process made threatening noises like saying it's going to remove 
Konqueror, without any reassuring noises about upgrading or 
re-installing it. But let's check again - ah, good, no more threatening 
noises beyond removing Ardour. After I get done with this and some other 
emails, I guess I'll upgrade. I really only use WINE for Ghostview 
(produces much more compact and higher-quality PDFs than the Linux tools 
do) and IE 5, 5.5 and 6 for testing web sites ...

> Still doesn't play on Wine, though, even though I have timidity
> installed and working.  Here's a log:
> ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Voyetra/Introduction to Songwriting$
> fixme:mcimidi:MIDI_mciPlay NIY: SMPTE track start 96:0:3 0.0
> fixme:mcimidi:MIDI_mciPlay NIY: MIDI port=0, track=1
> fixme:mcimidi:MIDI_mciPlay NIY: MIDI channel=0, track=1

IIRC, the "fixme" messages are WINE's way of indicating that the 
application called a Windows API system function that is only 
implemented as a stub in WINE ...

> Quite possibly I don't know what I'm doing, though.  I don't use
> audio much (beyond what Firefox and Flash inflict on me).

I wasn't interested in using Songwriter. It wasn't that great a program 
under Windows - Rosegarden is much better. I was just interested in 
seeing if the included PDF version of their "Introduction to 
Songwriting" book could be used without Windows - which it can.

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