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Posted the following in your other mail:


Let's take a look at what QJackCtl is, before we talk about its
documentation. Someone else in another related-mail mentioned that the need
for documentation isn't that much significant since the application - or
rather utility - is a rather straightforward one. It is afterall, a
front-end to the JACK server. It lets you manage connections, execute
commands/scripts alongside, set server options with a GUI, and err..that's
about it. Your best friend indeed, but one whom you can understand easily,
given the right attitude.

Start == Self-explanatory
Stop == " "
Messages == " " (jack-specific)
Status == " "
Connect == " "
Patchbay == " " (you could find out what it does by just checking it out;
Quit == You really need an explanation?
Setup == " "

Ok so we now take a look at Setup. Sure, things need to be explained here.
That's just what the above JACK document in PDF format does. Other things
which aren't brought into detail are fairly common knowledge, or sense.
Alright now try searching for this PDF file from Google, that way we can
gauge how difficult/easy it is to stumble upon. True enough, there isn't
anything else similar out there so we can say "proper" documentation of the
program is scarce. I really like your stance on this issue and with more
people like you this particular lack of "professionalism" can definitely be
nullified. Now I'm inspired enough to do some writing too ;)

On 17/04/2008, schoappied <schoappied at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thinking about linux audio and documentation... Isn't it strange that
> there isn't a good documentation for qjackctl (in combi with jack)?
> qjackctl is such a core app if you want to work with linux audio. And
> qjackctl/ jack is often a high 'threshold' to get started to use linux
> audio software...
> Ok, we've patchbay explained now, but what about the parameter settings,
> options, display, misc, connections (and the different tabs,
> audio/midi/alsa), messages and status?
> I think we can lower the threshold to start use linux audio apps if this
> important part is better explained in a good and clear (with pictures)
> documentation, which can be updated when there is a new qjackctl with
> new features. I also like to know more about it myself!
> Kind regards,
> Dirk
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