[LAU] qjackctl (documentation)

hollunder at gmx.at hollunder at gmx.at
Thu Apr 17 16:09:36 EDT 2008

On Thu, 17 Apr 2008 20:25:15 +0800
"Ray Rashif" <schivmeister at gmail.com> wrote:

> Posted the following in your other mail:
> http://w3.linux-magazine.com/issue/67/JACK_Audio_Server.pdf
> Let's take a look at what QJackCtl is, before we talk about its
> documentation. Someone else in another related-mail mentioned that
> the need for documentation isn't that much significant since the
> application - or rather utility - is a rather straightforward one. It
> is afterall, a front-end to the JACK server. It lets you manage
> connections, execute commands/scripts alongside, set server options
> with a GUI, and err..that's about it. Your best friend indeed, but
> one whom you can understand easily, given the right attitude.
> Start == Self-explanatory
> Stop == " "
> Messages == " " (jack-specific)
> Status == " "
> Connect == " "
> Patchbay == " " (you could find out what it does by just checking it
> out; experimenting)
> Quit == You really need an explanation?
> Setup == " "
> Ok so we now take a look at Setup. Sure, things need to be explained
> here. That's just what the above JACK document in PDF format does.
> Other things which aren't brought into detail are fairly common
> knowledge, or sense. Alright now try searching for this PDF file from
> Google, that way we can gauge how difficult/easy it is to stumble
> upon. True enough, there isn't anything else similar out there so we
> can say "proper" documentation of the program is scarce. I really
> like your stance on this issue and with more people like you this
> particular lack of "professionalism" can definitely be nullified. Now
> I'm inspired enough to do some writing too ;)

There could be other confusing elements, the user initially doesn't
necessarily know that start refers to the server, not the transport, if
he even knows that there is a transport, or a server that needs
It's all not hard once you know a few basics, but many new users appear
to have trouble. To find working settings appears to be the most common
I agree that having a nice qjackctl documentation would be a good
thing, but where to display it? Where will it be found easily?

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