[LAU] Ardour2- Ranges, Playlists, and Selecting Them

The Other sstubbs at shout.net
Sun Aug 31 18:34:15 EDT 2008


Hello All,

I've just spent over 4 hours googling for Ardour2 tutorials and reading
through the Ardour2 manual trying to figure out how to cut off the
beginning and ending silence on a recording.

I still haven't figured out how to set the beginning and ending points
of a range so I could delete the range.  Playlists are a complete
mystery to me.

My solution so far is to export the recording to WAV file, normalize it
with ecasound, thanks to Julien Claasen for his email on how to do that,
because I wasn't able to find a way in Ardour2 to normalize less than
the maximum amount, then import the file to Audacity and chop off the
beginning and ending silence.  This process took less than 2 minutes.

No doubt I missed finding a "Cookbook" tutorial for Ardour2 that says 1.
Here's the task you want to do. 2. Here's how you do it.

Is such a tutorial available?  I tried going through Ben Powers Ardour2
Tutorial at 10.1 Snapping, but I was not having any luck getting red and
blue bars to appear consistently, and any time I tried to delete, the
entire recording was deleted.  Thank goodness you can Exit Ardour2
without saving any changes.  I was doing that repeatedly.

And as stated above, I never got anywhere trying to set a region, even
when going through the menus to set region beginning and set region
ending.  I was still deleting the entire recording.

Other suggestions on where to look?

Thanks All,

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