[LAU] band in a box alternative

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Thu Dec 25 12:34:27 EST 2008

Am Donnerstag, den 25.12.2008, 09:48 -0600 schrieb Jeremiah Benham:
> I was looking for a band in the box alternative. My idea so far is to  
> use LeMMA as a front end to MMA. I am lacking a way to loop the chord  
> progressions though. I think maybe a command line midi player that  
> supports looping may work. I tried timidity in --loop mode but it pits  
> a long pause after each loop. I also tried seq24 but I have to set up  
> assign Alsa channels for each track each time. Is there a tight  
> looping midi player or a band in the box alternative!
> Jeremiah


I am just work on a "band in the box" alternative, but it's focus more
as a Live Band. It meen Audio_in and Midi_out. I use a pitch tracker,
mixed with a Beat detector. You can configure both to get the right
point for atack the Beat and grep the Note. Then you have 3 Channel's
witch you can configure for channel, program, oktave and the sensity,
that meen's how fast the Note for the channel will read and send after
the beat detector have emit a signal. I use it for drum's in fast mode,
sitar in middle mode and kalimba in slow mode, that's my band. :D You
see it's a completely different style, so I dont know if it help's you ?
If you wont to try it, you can get it here:

regards   hermann

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