[LAU] audio/visual synthesis

Florian Schmidt mista.tapas at gmx.net
Thu Jun 26 09:25:21 EDT 2008

On Thursday 26 June 2008, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Florian Schmidt wrote:
> > In a way i really think that the audio and graphics domain are vastly
> > different beasts ...
> Hi Florian,

Yo Dave :)

> This understanding is central to my own concept of the A/V arts. In my
> opinion there are no absolute correspondences, i.e. I believe that all
> associations and correspondences between audio and visual elements are
> finally arbitrary. 

I guess the sonificiation folks might, at least partly, disagree (and i follow 
them here). There is [IMHO] a correspondence for natural phenomena. E.g. a 
ball hitting the ground and making some noise. The visual and the sonic 
impressions are just two aspects of one and the same process. Experience 
tells us how these two are correlated and the artist is free to play with 
these expectations. Maybe i misunderstood your comment though..

> However, I'm quick to add that doesn't make such 
> associations useless. On the contrary, they are useful in so far as they
> get the creative mind moving in some direction. AFAIC, that's all the
> push I need.

> An analogous situation is found in the time-point system used by Charles
> Wuorinen. His explication of the system is intriguing, but there's no

Sadly i'm not familiar with his work.. Will check it out [wikipedia ;)] when i 
come home tonight..

> getting around the fact that his initial premise is arbitrary. Very
> useful, but not a "natural" or necessary relationship between elements.
> Its necessity is with regards to the composer's need for a systematic
> and complementary approach to resolving rhythmic problems in a non-tonal
> harmonic world. And that's enough to get a start into a work, afterwards
> you can jettison any system (or not) once you've got the work's
> direction clarified.
> Just my two yuan, of course. :)
> And thanks for that graphics server, that's a cool idea, I look forward
> to testing it.

I hope you'll like it and are not too disapointed about the current 
limitations.. If you plan to download it, wait until tonight. I will update 
the documentation a bit especially with respect to Open GL fragment ad vertex 


Palimm Palimm!

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