[LAU] hardware compressor-EQ-Limiter

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at vait.se
Tue Aug 11 13:02:18 EDT 2009

On Tuesday August 11 2009 16.41.34 millward wrote:
> Can anyone advise on a good, but relatively cheap,
> hardware compressor-equalizer-limiter ?
> I'm told its best to clean up the input signal rather than
> having to try to clean it up after its already recorded.

This is my very subjective (but not very uncommon) opinions about pre record 

The meaning of cleaning the input signal usually means careful placement of 
mics, experimenting, knowledge and focusing on getting the raw sound as good 
as possible.

Usage of compressor really depends on what you want to record. It's common to 
use very little compressor when you records and eventually more when mixing. 

"Relatively cheap" makes bad sound in general when pre processing before 
recording IMHO. For recording real sounds, you will probably get better 
results when using your money on (mixers or preamps with) hipass filters when 
pre processing (around 35Hz for bass sounds, 300 for cymbals and around 60-75 
Hz on almost anything else). Many mixers already have hipass filters that cuts 
around 60-75 Hz.

Try the CALF compressor on drums after recording and in the mix - it's 
awesome! On song, some people (not me) skips compressors - or are very careful 
with them - and use gain automation with very excellent results.

You will probably make most out your money by laying them in the mixer or 
preamps. Harder pre record processing, such as limiting of for example bass, 
will probably be handled sufficient by a plugin that works before the DAW.


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