[LAU] Pros and cons of 64 bit Linux

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Thu Aug 13 16:22:20 EDT 2009

Hi Ismael!
   64bit can address more memory (I think this relates to RAM. I think the 
integer size used by the CPU is larger. So good for large numbers? and for a 
lot of mem. Some people also claim in RT apps it's faster, but I don't really 
believe that.
   32bit: All the wndows dlls will run. I guess you'lll also find more 
precompiled half-closed software pieces for 32bit. Mplayer and some other 
programs can use .dll and other windows shared libs to support audio/video 
formats and maybe more. Java shouldn't be an issue. You should only need the 
java interpreter and the rest is byte-code, that's supposed to be the same for 
all systems. but 32bit might also be nice if you're going to use VST(I)s, 
because they too are pieces of 32bit windws software. But I'm not sure how far 
the technology has gone here.
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