[LAU] instructional videos ?

Atte Andre Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 04:50:25 EDT 2009

Patrick Shirkey wrote:

>> It would also be very interesting to see/hear the work flow of other 
>> linux-audio-users. Especially the ones producing electronic music.
> Good idea for a thread.

My work flow simplified (setup wise) dramatically after switching to 
renoise (commercial, 49 euro):

1) start jack
2) start renoise


Besides that (and probably besides the point in this thread) I find it 
good to:

1) Try to make a full length arrangement as early in the process as 

2) Try to record vocals (or melody if instrumental) as early in the 
process as possible.

3) Work on more than one tune at the same time, so not start one and 
work on it until it's finished.

4) Go with the flow, esp regarding sounds and fx. Play around and get 
inspired instead of trying to force my pre conceived ideas upon the 
track all the time.

5) Be willing to write more tracks than I need, and be willing to throw 
stuff that's doesn't turn out away.

6) When working on a collection of tracks (like an entire CD) take time 
to listen to the entire CD from start to end (for me this happens mostly 
in my car). It's amazing how much the order of tracks can affect the 
conceived flow, including feel-good-ness of the whole.

All the above is of course a balance. For instance 1) shouldn't be done 
before some kind of idea that can be sustained and/or expanded including 
the individual parts (verse, bridge, chorus, etc) emerge. But 1) is to 
avoid being stuck in a great sounding 2 bar loop that I'm not able to 
hear in the broader context of an entire composition.


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