[LAU] instructional videos ?

James Stone jamesmstone at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 07:27:33 EDT 2009

Atte Andre Jensen wrote:
> Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>> It would also be very interesting to see/hear the work flow of other 
>>> linux-audio-users. Especially the ones producing electronic music.
>> Good idea for a thread.
> My work flow simplified (setup wise) dramatically after switching to 
> renoise (commercial, 49 euro):
> 1) start jack
> 2) start renoise
> :-)
> Besides that (and probably besides the point in this thread) I find it 
> good to:
> 1) Try to make a full length arrangement as early in the process as 
> possible.
> 2) Try to record vocals (or melody if instrumental) as early in the 
> process as possible.

Interesting.. How do vocals work in a tracker environment?

What's the situation with plugins for renoise under Linux at the moment?

How does midi control work?


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