[LAU] instructional videos ?

Norval Watson norv2001 at yahoo.com.au
Mon Aug 31 08:07:52 EDT 2009

> Interesting.. How do vocals work in a tracker environment?
> What's the situation with plugins for renoise under Linux at the moment?
> How does midi control work?
> James

I'm currently in final stages of a CD project.
I started it in Renoise after hearing about it from  Hitmuri (Freewheeling performer).

I enjoyed doing rhythm tracks and sequencing and playing with waveforms in Renoise and you can do a lot from the computer keyboard. MIDI implementation is good.

However I did not like tracking vocals in Renoise so I exported all the tracks and switched to Ardour. 
Renoise is a vertical scrolling tracker with no visible waveforms in the main screen and I am more comfortable tracking vocals with Ardour which scrolls horizontally with visible waveforms so I can see all the parts coming up.
Then I felt guilty about getting a free ride on Ardour, after paying for Renoise, so I made a donation to Ardour roughly equivalent to what I paid for Renoise.

Renoise is a great product with a great community with a great future.
Ardour is a great product with a great community and a great future.

Right now I'm sort of leaning toward Ardour coz it feels more organic and less bound to beats and ticks, but I also really like the "tracker music" feel of the CD I started in Renoise. Hopefully I can get final vocal tracks, mixing and mastering complete by the end of the month and you can tell me if it works.

Oh, and I work in non-multiarch 64bit so I can't comment on plugins for Renoise. I was quite happy with renoise' native sounds and FX and I'm enjoying exploring the ladspa set in Ardour. 


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