[LAU] fst is back on track

Martin Profittlich martin at profittlich.com
Sun Feb 1 08:26:02 EST 2009


it's great to see all these new features in fst!

Am Samstag, den 31.01.2009, 21:38 +0100 schrieb Emanuel Rumpf:
> 2009/1/30  <torbenh at gmx.de>:
> >
> > well... blabla... try to find a plug that does not work !!!
> >
> Hi
> NI Reaktor doesn't update the GUI, when used with fst.
> I haven't found any free plugin to reproduce this yet.
> Maybe you would like to test with the demo-version.

NI Massive and FM8 only show a black window. They both work in dssi-vst
(which uses a separate process to do the VST stuff), but I once used
some code from dssi-vst to make my own VST host (mainly as an excercise)
and just by adding jack I encountered the same problem. I wasn't able to
solve it, but I suspect it's something with wine. Removing jack from fst
didn't make the GUIs appear. LMMS also displays only black windows with
these two.

KorePlayer (free as in beer) shows a GUI, but I cannot click on
anything. It just won't react. This also works in dssi-vst, but not in

NI plugins that do work here are: Guitar Rig 3, Kontakt 2/3, Pro-53,
Absynth4. Most of the IK stuff I have also works, including AmpegSVX
Uno, which doesn't work in any other host I tried on linux.

IK SampleMoog doesn't even open a window in fst. I can't check if it
produces sound, because you need the GUI to load a preset first. Works
in dssi-vst.

I'm running UbuntuStudio 8.04 (RT), wine 1.1.12, jack 0.115.6.


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