[LAU] all in ram?

alex stone compose59 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 16:07:57 EST 2009

I have a question about running linux in ram.

The Scenario.

I'm researching building a dedicated Lsampler box, running headless, with
netjack doing the ins and outs.

Given the usually large templates i run (full orchestra), including a lot of
articulations, i'm wondering how feasible it would be to build a barebones
Linux OS, with linuxsampler as the sole app, more or less, (and required
libs, etc...), and run the entire thing in ram, that is, the OS, Lsampler,
and samples.

Is this possible, and if someone's already tried this in some form or other
successfully or otherwise, could you share some experiences, pros and cons,
etc... ?

I would be doing all this in Linux 64bit, if it has some decent advantages.


Parchment Studios (It started as a joke...)
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