[LAU] USB Interface/Mixer

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Mon May 4 13:48:31 EDT 2009


If you get a 6 channel card with midi i/o that will do the trick. I have
a four channel device and I miss the other two channels on occasion.

There are several that have these specs but I have only used m-audio usb
quattro. It  works well for me but has zero vendor support.

You could pick one up cheap on ebay by now.

One gotcha is the external power supply.

If you can find a cheap alternative with 6 channels and midi i/o which
can power itself over usb-2.0 then you should go for that option instead.


Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd

Bob van der Poel wrote:
> Here's my setup which needs improving :)
> 1. Playing midi files in a laptop and routing the audio to a mixer, then 
> to PA
> 2. Have 2 mics plugged into the mixer.
> I'm thinking that using a USB audio device will make the audio (much?) 
> better ... but I really need to haul yes-another-piece-of-gear around 
> like I need more free gigs.
> So, is there a usb device which will let me connect to the laptop for 
> the midi output, let me plug in a couple of mics and route the entire 
> mix to a PA? Or PCMCIA?
> I'm not interested in spending a small fortune on all this. I've got 
> decent enough gear here in the office/studio and if I get a paying gig I 
> don't mind hauling. But, when we go to a seniors home or farmers market 
> for an hour or so, the motivation lags.
> Thanks.

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