[LAU] recorded with Ardour+friends

Roberto Suarez Soto talkingxouba at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 15:38:38 UTC 2010

El día Mon, 2 Aug 2010 11:01:40 -0400, Sean Corbett
<seanbutnotheard at gmail.com> escribía:

> "Formations" is the highlight from a songwriting perspective, in my
> opinion (though we achieved some pretty huge drum sounds on
> "Redemption Song").

	What can I say? Wow! :-)

	I've only listened to "Formations" (listening to "Errors" now), and
I'm impressed. I specially like the intro, and the cleanliness of the
recording. Great, great job.

	I first thought that I should reply you in private, but I'm writing
to the list to encourage other people to listen to this. It was definitely
worth the effort for me.

> Recorded/mixed/mastered with Jack1, Ardour, SWH, CAPS, TAP, Invada,
> JConvolver, Jamin -- and probably others I'm forgetting -- on an Arch
> Linux box.

	There are a few tools here that I hadn't heard about: CAPS, Invada and
JConvolver. What are they? Care to post some URLs?


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