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Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Mon Aug 30 11:11:54 UTC 2010

On Mon, August 30, 2010 3:57 am, Julien Claassen wrote:
> greetings!
>    And another thought: Of course most pop music is created to be
> consumed, as
> the baisc intention. Maybe not most, but a good deal. Still: I see it
> partly
> as a result of the society itself. They only will produce en mass, what is
> liable to be sold well. If you consider that most of the music us
> westerness
> lsiten to and export worldwide, then I can see reasons for it sounding
> aggressive. We are more and more in a hurry, supressed by a lot of
> obligations. If you look around, certainly if I do, all people have to
> work as
> hard as they can, still fearing to be unemployed quite soon. Then they
> have to
> perform a lot tasks in their households and neighbourhoods, which they
> can't
> afford to let someone else do, because of money being short. I'm talking
> repairs, renovations, taking care of families and friends in a way, they
> might
> not do if money wasn't that short. Or they would cut on their work and use
> more spare time, so they can actually relax a little. Don't you think,
> that
> this stores up energy, frustration, that you need to deposite somewhere?
> If
> you can listen to some music, tat helps you "sweat" it out, if you can
> dance
> to it, I think it's much healthier, than finally breaking down or turning
> to
> real acted-out violence.
>    Again this doesn't apply to everyone, some will turn to the aggression
> advertised or animated. But again more will use that way to blow of some
> steam
> and feel better afterwards.
>    While talking of clubs; I don't need intelligent music or music that
> touches
> a certain side of myself. I need music, that I can move to. Granted, I
> would
> VERY rarely see a real club, because it would be too loud and too
> expensive. I
> have all the music I need at home. :-)
>    Kindly yours
>            Julien

While your observation is certainly a desirable aspect of healthy
consumption of art and culture, IMO we are also being subjected to a form
of attack that is attempting to perpetuate the psychological oppression
that forces us as a global mass to accept the status quo and allow it to
control the direction of our lives and the events that are forced upon us
as a global community.

The highly aggressive and purely sexualised music forced upon us at every
opportunity by the mass media is a reaction to the oppression that we are
placed under and is actively promoted as a means of keeping us
subconsciously subdued and fighting to keep our heads above water with the
odds stacked against us resulting in the cycle being continued between
each new generation. We are being conditioned to accept the system of
abuse from the day we are born by the relentless attack on our
subconscious from the mass media and the industry that supports it.

Hence I feel it is important for us to not only create art that is
challenging but to also take on the industry at it's own game with
subversive production turning their techniques against them.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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